2024 Classes + Workshops will be announced after the New Year. Pease check back!


foraged color | ink +dyes

Join us! 
We'll be foraging common weeds for color, extracting botanical dye, and making ink!

3 dates in September to choose from.
Advance registration highly recommended.

medicine making | forest antlers

Saturday, March 19th | 10:00a - 12:00p

Sometimes, we need to walk into the woods, forget the upheaval of the external, and immerse ourselves in what we can reach-- in what we can touch, and experience, and feel inside our self.

Join me for a woods wander + magic forage in a Rollinsford, NH forest, followed by tea + making while we each create our antlers (tree crowns!) 

These symbols of regeneration, transformation, integration...among so much more magic... allow us to sink into the peace of our internal.

6 week circle | rewriting your story

6 Saturdays, 9:00-10:30 am | April 2 - May 7

Would you like to devote a bit more time to seeing your truth fully and deeply? To nourish the sanctuary of self that makes you pause and think *I'm so grateful I get to go through this life being me*... yes? 

Fiercely Unapologetic | An Audacious Realization of Self

an online, 6-week course in disrupting the narrative     
Monday evenings, January 3 - February 7, 2022

Week 1 | Sanctuary

Starting with self as sanctuary: defining self, intention, space to be. This is the part of the story where we fill our palettes with the rewakening of dreams... of sinking down into the fullness of self and remembering who the fuck we are. 

Week 2 | Taking Up Space ee

Moving into NEEDS and DESIRES. Our gorgeous, expansive BEING is allowed to take up space. Walk heavy. Breathe loudly. Make noise. Make messes. BE MESSY. 

Week 3 | Love + Connection

The essence of our purpose in these bodies...to experience and connect. We'll spend time tapping into the beauty of the collective consciousness and using LAUGHTER as medicine.

Week 4 | Choosing the Fiercely                  Unapologetic Self

Living without apology means trashing shoulds and getting clarity. Looking FEARS in the face. Rewrite your victim story. Honor anger. SCREAM past limitations. Dream from the darkness. Living fully means CHOOSING. 

Week 5 | Deep Pleasure

Do you allow yourself to bask in the intense pleasure of being human? How often do you sink into the gorgeous sensation of a moment? This week will push on some glorious edges.

Week 6 | Divine Gifts

Wrapping up and celebrating, but are we done? There may be some surprises in store.



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