Foraging Color | Ink + Dye

September 9 | September 16 | September 30
9:00AM - 2:00PM
Tuckaway Farm in Lee, NH
What botanical pigments could you coax from your local hedges and fields? Would that weedy patch over there make a dye you could color yarn or your socks with?!
Overlooked plants and maligned weeds make GORGEOUS local color. Learning the magic of dye plants that surround us, is a radical reclaiming of nearly forgotten wisdom and a reconnection to our Color of Place. 

join us!

The morning will be spent identifying and foraging often overlooked or maligned plants for color, while enjoying the fields and hedges of the beautiful Tuckaway Farm.
Then, let the making begin! We'll extract color and learn the process of dye and ink making.

There will be time to play and experiment. Everyone will go home with dye and an ink, AND the knowledge to make more on their own!

Extracting botanical dye is a foundational skill. It's a magical, but explainable, alchemy. Once you have these basics, the plants you choose, the palette you create, and what mediums you make is all up to you.

*This class is geared for an older audience but appropriate for ages 12+ if accompanied by an adult. See Q & A below.


In reserving my spot through this online registration process, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the presented Liability Waiver, and agree to to it without reservation.

No please bring yourself snacks, lunch, and a full water bottle.
The facilities are accessible, but the roads and paths we'll be foraging on are rough. Please let me know if you'd like to meet and see them so you can make an informed decision.
If your child is 12+ years old, please do! You'll need to reserve them their own paid spot, but we're very excited about intergenerational learning and connection.
There's potential for both. Although we'll be walking along the farm roads and wide, mown paths we'll also be foraging all up in the weedy business. Long pants, good shoes, and tick repellent are all encouraged.