watercolor paint made from marigolds

Farm + Forage

The Farm + Forage Pigment Project at Tuckaway Farm in Lee, NH is an art-focused, land-connected movement that speaks to the creative legacy, story of place, and unparalleled beauty inherent in grown & foraged pigments, with the secondary hope of increasing awareness around consumption and the ecological impact of industrial dye production & waste. Read the full project proposal here.

In this first year I'll be growing dye plants, making pigment and art, as I learn the unique growing needs and begin to understand the possibilities. Plans for the educational dye garden and outdoor kitchen are in the works. Foraging for color via invasives is also something close to my heart, and I'm hoping to organize at least one workshop on that in 2023. Anyone one who has met me knows... there are ideas. 

More information once we get underway!