Farm + Forage
The Farm + Forage Pigment Project at Tuckaway Farm in Lee, NH is an art-focused, land-connected movement.  

The project speaks to the creative legacy, story of place, and unparalleled beauty inherent in grown & foraged pigments.  

The broader vision encompasses education and accessibility... shifting aesthetic appreciation towards a slow, rich, and organic creative process that produces an expanded sense of place which in turns inspires a deeper consideration for ecological impact-- doing our small part to disrupt the industrial paradigm in a beautifully synergistic manner.

Visit us on the farm!

2023 was a BIG year. Along with wonderful volunteers and friends, we created a production garden, educational garden space, and converted an outbuilding into a drying room and outdoor kitchen.

We grew indigo, woad, weld, madder, marigold, dyer's coreopsis, murasaki, safflower, and a smattering of other lesser dye plants. These were successfully turned into dyes and lake pigments, inks and paints. The colors have been astonishing,

Foraging for color brought in mycopigments (from different fungi), the use of invasives for inks, as well wonderful native species such as goldenrod for paint! The first classes were offered in the fall, with MANY more ideas for workshops percolating.
Experience the fun for yourself!
Inks and paints from the project (AmaLur Pigments) will be available to purchase from the Tuckaway Farm Store in November 2023. 

Classes, workshops, and more will be announced after the New Year.

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