This is a space for conversation.

Your path is yours
I have no answers.

I will hold you though. I will create a container for beauty, pushing, witnessing, humor, accountability, inspiration & celebration.

Your voice. Your life. Your choosing.

some ideas for exploration and unearthing >>> 

Soul Path

Are you living on auto-pilot? Are you awake? Are you living *your* purposeful life? What are you willing to compromise in order to answer your calling?

Creative Expression

Our experience of this life is sensual...sensory...touch, feel, smell, sight, sound... and it is internal. Ours alone. And how we express it IS our connection to anyone who is not us. What are you expressing? What are you repressing?

Sacred Solitude

It is through the deepest, most intimate and loving connection with our Self, that we connect to the whole of the world.

                            let's connect

6-week intensives into freedom, motivation, meaning...

Are you stuck? Untethered? Confused + overwhelmed by the next step? Do you feel something pulling, but can't see it?


There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken, and you definitely do not need to be fixed. 

Let's give you a moment to pause. To regain some clarity.

You've got this. And I've got you. 

                                   yes, please
What do you truly, unapologetically value? What dream have you never spoken aloud? What do you long for?

Fully customized to your unique goals, this a gorgeous avenue to deep shift + manifestation.

  • setting stronger, compassionate boundaries
  • identifying + releasing toxic people + patterns
  • a rewrite of the story you're telling yourself
  • smashing goals
  • creating self-care that works for YOU
  • reclaiming sensuality
  • defining your purpose
  • recovering motivation + drive
  • remembering who the fuck you are

how it works

I'll put the kettle on


You delve. We talk. You explore your inner architecture. We deconstruct. 

You dream and start placing your stepping stones. I celebrate your AMAZINGNESS. 

The work might be hard, but the process is that simple.                                                                                         
My experience & skill at seeing through to the bones of things + your dedication to revealing your truest essence of Being...                                                                                                                                                                    those are the ingredients. 
But of course, there are goodies...because soul snacks are my favorite snacks.     

What's Included?



4 hour-long conversations with Lauren for inspiration, accountability & celebration AND unlimited text support along the journey

soul oracle

a journal & juicy prompts 

bogwitch magic

bogwitch magic: rituals, meditations, breathwork and the like


weekly aligned action challenges to get out of your head and INTO your journey


resources & tools to help you along through the trials of unearthing Self


founding membership to our Harridan Sisterhood which includes VIP access to Shenanigans and future events.
are you ready to own all you shadow and all your light?
are you ready for radical honesty and unapologetic living?
are you ready to accept and choose?
are you ready for the clarity that comes with action?
6-week Intensive