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                    pigment project

My newest and super exciting endeavor: to grow and forage pigments for ink/dye/paint-making as a collaborative project at Tuckaway Farm in Lee, NH.
you are enough

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you are enough
hey friends

Hello + Welcome

Wander through the woods with me. Let's pick up small stones and bits of windfallen Usnea. Maybe today the forest will gift us with a snack or a paint or a medicine. Let's be grateful for it all! I love this beautiful world and I'm soooo happy to share it with you.


    Hello! I'm Lauren, and  I am enthralled (infatuated, really) with creating a space for courageous women, through provocative programs & gatherings that instigate the enkindling of a f#@king soul-renaissance... the rewakening of deep pleasure, radical & unapologetic self-adoration, and feral autonomy. 

    I've spent 20+ years working with women and girls in sooo many varied capacities.  It all started with advocacy and activist work for women struggling through domestic violence. When my soul became heavy with that, I collaborated with a dear friend to create a small non-profit focused on empowering young girls to love themselves and lift each other. In my 30s I stepped courageously into a dream I'd held since I was 12, leaving everything to join the Peace Corps and worked with women and girls in rural southern Africa. And then I became a mom. That continues to be an epic adventure! Solo-momming and soulo-entrepreneurship is daunting and gorgeous. I want my kiddos to have a solid, female role-model for soul-aligned goalsetting. I want them to dig deep and dream big and wake up every damn day excited about who they are.

    The only reasons we are here are to connect with each other and walk the path we were born to. It is our birthright to uncover our unique work, calling, purpose... however you frame it... and if you're reading this, you already know this to be true. I invite you to join me on this completely non-linear, luscious, and sometimes terrifying adventure.